ESP32 missing modules

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ESP32 missing modules

Post by SuperMechaCow » Tue May 07, 2019 1:39 pm

I'm a beginner to Micropython, but about a month ago I got it running on ESP-WROOM-32 device just fine.

Now, I'm getting an error with the device in rshell where it hangs on 'Testing if sys.stdin.buffer exists..." before erroring out for not being able to establish a RAW REPL.

I wasn't sure what firmware version I had used, so I tried a new device with the latest firmware. Everything flashes ok, but most of the python modules I try to import (such as 'machine' and 'ssd1036') aren't found on the device.

The same python scripts work fine on various ESP8366 devices. I only have this problem on ESP32.

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