PyCon AU 2019

General discussions and questions abound development of code with MicroPython that is not hardware specific.
Target audience: MicroPython Users.
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PyCon AU 2019

Post by mattyt » Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:50 pm

THE Australian event for all things Python, PyCon AU 2019 was a huge success with many diverse and high-quality talks that covered the gamut of Python topics. MicroPython was very well represented with six talks covering our favourite embedded language.

All of the 80+ talks were recorded and published on YouTube - take a look at the PyCon AU 2019 playlist or browse the schedule. There is a wealth of material there.

MicroPython Sprints were organised for the Monday and Tuesday and these were well attended with some productive work achieved! Beginners to MicroPython (like Leo) were warmly introduced, Damien guided folks to work on a spate of issues, two variants of a C stub generator (uStubby and MicroPython C Stub Gen) were worked on, the QR Displayer project was released, a CI server was configured to build all (nearly 100!) the officially supported MicroPython variants and ♥️ was expressed with a micro:bit! There was also collaboration with the Fomu project and a port of MicroPython was built to run on the RISC-V softcore running on the Fomu FPGA - that lives inside a USB port!

The talks:

"What makes Micro:bits different?" - Jack Reichelt. There’s many different ways to learn to code, and how you start your students’ journey changes what challenges they’ll face.This talk will highlight some of the differences when using Micro:bits, and how to overcome the challenges.

"Using comedy as an excuse to play with python-programmed microcontrollers" - Anthony I. Joseph and Debbie Zukerman. Early-career comedians often have difficulties adding electronic props to their acts, due to the high cost of materials and fabrication skills required. This talk will recreate several props used in comedic performances, showing the code and components used.

"Profiling Pathogens with (micro) Python" - Andrew Leech. We’re building professional medical diagnostics equipment with MicroPython. This has come with minimal challenges, many positives and a few surprises!

"It's dark and my lights aren't working (an asyncio success story)" - Jim Mussared. I have invested huge amounts of time in achieving a simple goal – making the lighting in my home “smart”. It’s not ground breaking, nor is it practical or cost effective, but it sure was educational, uses a bunch of Python, and the result makes me (and my family) happy.

"Extending MicroPython: Using C for good!" - Matt Trentini. MicroPython is a fantastic environment for embedded development. But it is an interpreted language; what happens when you hit performance limitations? Or want to use a new feature of your microcontroller? We’ll look at how MicroPython can be extended to add features and improve performance.

"Micropython Gotchas" - Michał Gałka. We all somehow get the feeling that MicroPython is not quite the Python we know. During the talk, I’ll show what the “not quite” actually means. I’ll present a set of different issues I stumbled upon when working with different MicroPython powered boards ranging from memory constraints to API calls.

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Re: PyCon AU 2019

Post by lnsri22 » Sat Aug 17, 2019 5:01 am

Great !!

Excited to go through the playlist.

Thanks for the detailed update and links too!! :D
lnsri22 :)

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