Smart heater thermostat

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Smart heater thermostat

Post by kevinkk525 » Thu Sep 05, 2019 2:23 pm

I'm currently trying to replace my heater thermostats with something more "smart" and was thinking about using a simple 230V actuator I can get for 11€ connected to a smart power outlet. That power outlet could be a simple 433MHz controlled thing but there is no RFSwitch library for micropython and I'd rather not put an additional esp8266 with arduino/espeasy in every room just for controlling those..
But I couldn't really find good solutions for a mqtt controlled wifi power outlet either. I know there are a few proprietary ones like sonoff but flashing micropython on them does not seem to be a good idea as they are not reliable in wifi according to the tests Peter Hinch did.
My requirements are basically only that they are connected by mqtt and that they are cheap..

How did you guys provide a "smart" heater thermostat in your house?
Kevin Köck
Micropython Smarthome Firmware (with Home-Assistant integration):

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