ESP32 access via Ipad

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Re: ESP32 access via Ipad

Post by jdcrunchman » Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:51 pm

Roberthh - can you please go thru the steps you took to get REPL to work on iPad without using a usb connection. If you read and used a documentation, can you please supply a link to the documentation you referred to, to accomplish this task, I’m not very good in choosing keywords for DuckDuckGo search engine.

I just recently updated my Micropython to latest version about 2-3 weeks ago when my laptop was working. Do you know if there was a new update released since then? Can you send me the name of the Micropython image. I need to use to flash a new version.


This was the last version of the most stable version I used. Is there a new one, and where can I find documentation showing the new additions.

I’m still trying to raise the money to get my Mac back from repair, and it won’t be ready until this Wednesday.

I hear people writing in the forums that Jupyter installed python works, but don’t have Jupyter installed on my Mac. Been having problems installing it. Unfortunately my PowerBook Mac is a “lemon” and have had more then my share of problems with it.

I had it installed last year, but my Mac’s hard drive crashed and lost the last Jupyter install, which took me 3 days of intense “hand holding” to get it installed,

Anyway, please help me with instructions on how to do this, I’m just a very beginner, and need a lot more hand holding, due to a learning disability, I’m a 76 year old Vietnam era vet.

But I suspect that no matter what, I’m going to need my Mac to do this.


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Re: ESP32 access via Ipad

Post by jdcrunchman » Mon Oct 07, 2019 9:14 pm

The only info I came up with is this URL - ... ss-webrepl

But this clearly specified the use of the ESP8266, and not the ESP32

I looked for further docs from the Adafruit site and didn’t see anything for the ESP32.

So asking you for a working URL that can lead me to a solution.


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Re: ESP32 access via Ipad

Post by rpr » Tue Oct 08, 2019 12:37 am

I just tried from an android phone to conenct to webrepl on my esp32. The webpage loads and asks for the password. However the webrepl connection fails with the following:

Code: Select all

Access denied
message from the phone browser. The message on the ESP32 console/repl is

Code: Select all

dupterm: EOF received, deactivating
The webrepl connection works *fine* from a laptop.

I tried a couple different browsers on the phone, all gave the same error.

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Re: ESP32 access via Ipad

Post by nekomatic » Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:17 pm

I haven't used any of these but if you can spend a little on hardware it looks as if you can get a terminal app that works with Bluetooth Low Energy serial interfaces, then I think you should be able to connect to the ESP32's UART interface. Alternatively Redpark do Lightning to serial cables, and Get-Console do various adapters and an app to work with them. You'd need to check the voltage levels used by the interface and maybe add some sort of level shifter.

However wouldn't the simplest way out of this problem be to get hold of any old laptop with a USB port? Surely virtually any machine will work for the purpose and can be had for next to nothing, or even for free if you have Freecycle or equivalent there - given your situation you might find you can ask and someone will willingly dig one out of their cupboard for you.

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