OTA Firmware Updates ?!?

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Re: OTA Firmware Updates ?!?

Post by cgglzpy » Thu Dec 05, 2019 10:36 pm

jedie wrote:
Thu Dec 05, 2019 5:09 pm
cgglzpy wrote:
Thu Dec 05, 2019 4:42 pm
To make it really enduser friendly the "OTA updater" should have a GUI I guess... :roll:
A simple TK GUI is quickly made.
But then we come to the bigger problem: How to offer an end-user GUI program written in Python?

Actually, it's just: git clone and pipenv run gui

Well, let's see ;)
As Jan said PyQt is quite straightforward, cross-platform and with Pyinstaller you can package the python app into a stand-alone executable to make easier to distribute ;)

And if you are working with python and MicroPython webserver apps, you may want to have a look at the python module webbrowser too.

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Re: OTA Firmware Updates ?!?

Post by jedie » Wed Dec 11, 2019 10:33 am

From https://github.com/pfalcon/yaota8266 README:
Unlike many other solutions, yaota8266 does not require reserving FlashROM space of 2x the size of the firmware.
What I ask myself: What are all the other solutions?

If you search the net for "OTA solution for ESP8266", you will find a lot around Arduino. Finally: https://arduino-esp8266.readthedocs.io/ ... eadme.html

But i didn't find other solutions than yaota8266 for updating the micropython firmware.

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Re: OTA Firmware Updates ?!?

Post by smysnk » Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:55 am

Did a bit of a re-write of rdehuyss's GitHub implementation, check it out here: https://github.com/smysnk/micropython-ota-updater

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