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Re: Raising documentation issues

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 11:48 am
by paulg
@stijn, yes, I think opening an Issue is the way to go. Thanks for the suggestion.

You asked for an example of what I had in mind. This is for the MicroPython .mpy files page:

First paragraph. You should mention that boot.mpy and main.mpy are not recognised by the runtime interpreter. If you want a main.mpy a simple workaround is to rename it, say, app.mpy and have a one line that imports it.

Second paragraph. There is no mention of where to get the cross compiler. The normal way is to set up a MP build environment on your computer. However, there is a simpler way if you are not interested in frozen bytecode, namely, use one of the pre-built distributions on PyPI.

As you can see, I only wish to highlight omissions or clarify matters, not specify the actual wording.

@jedie, thanks for your input. This information would be a very useful addition to the MicroPython Contributor Guidelines on Github.