Using higher baud rates (921600) successfully?

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Using higher baud rates (921600) successfully?

Post by Hyperion » Tue Mar 10, 2020 3:03 pm

Anyone tried using higher baudrates for the UART, successfully? I would like to approach at least 1Mb/s transfer rate so I compiled the firmware with

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and initialized the baud rate with the same number but it seems that the REPL is unusable when I go any higher than 230400. I don't even need to use the REPL, I have my own simple command-based communication protocol that I use.

I'm on the ESP32.

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Re: Using higher baud rates (921600) successfully?

Post by jimmo » Mon Mar 16, 2020 5:18 am

How are you accessing this UART (to access the REPL)?

i.e. is it a self-contained board with a USB/UART adaptor, or are there breadboard wires or long cables carrying the UART signal?

Does the USB/UART adaptor support the higher baud rate?

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Re: Using higher baud rates (921600) successfully?

Post by pythoncoder » Tue Mar 17, 2020 8:25 am

@Hyperion If you're not using SPIRAM you could use UART2 on pins 16 and 17. This would avoid any complications with REPL or USB.
Peter Hinch

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