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USB 'MSC' expose both Flash and SDCard ?

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2020 2:16 am
by water
If enabling MSC mode, the msc parameter can be used to specify a list of SCSI LUNs to expose on the mass storage interface. For example msc=(pyb.Flash(), pyb.SDCard()).

I config with

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pyb.usb_mode('VCP+MSC', msc = (pyb.Flash(), pyb.SDCard()))
in, it should be appear internal Flash and SD Card both when plug in the board, but actually internal Flash (pybflash) not appear on PC side file browser, just SD Card show up only.
I check the file system using

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in REPL, the internal Flash and SD Card mounted correctly each '/flash' and '/sd' .

Someone success do that ?