Micro-python repl, mounting sd card through serialport

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Micro-python repl, mounting sd card through serialport

Post by staghaoussi » Wed Aug 26, 2020 5:09 pm

## What am I trying to do?

Trying to mount the sd card by sending python code through the serialport that is executed on my devices micro-python repl.

## What's my problem?

When I send information through the serialport the code is executed on the device's micro-python repl.
I am trying to execute the following code on my device's repl

Code: Select all

However I am met with this error

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E (1066260) sdmmc_sd: sdmmc_init_sd_scr: send_scr (1) returned 0x109
I know that mounting the sd card from the repl is possible because I am able to mount the sd card when I execute that code without sending it through serialport(tera term). I am using serialport node js to write to the port.

Just confused as to why I am met with that error when I try to execute the code from the computer(serial) whereas otherwise no errors are met.

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