What is MicroPython?

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What is MicroPython?

Post by appels » Thu Dec 03, 2020 3:36 pm

It may be a simple question. But I can't seem to (easely) find the answer to it.

Is MicroPython the firmware that you put on the microcontroller, so that it can run Python scripts.
Or is MicroPython the programming language?
Or is it both?

In other words which sentence is correct:
-I put MicroPython on my microcontroller and now it can run Python scripts
-I don't write code for my microcontroller in C anymore, now I write my code in MicroPython
-I put MicroPython on my microcontroller and now it can run MicroPython scripts

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Re: What is MicroPython?

Post by pythoncoder » Thu Dec 03, 2020 4:49 pm

They are all largely true. MicroPython is a version of Python specifically written to run on microcontrollers. It is possible to develop entire firmware applications in MIcroPython which run at power up. Or to run scripts interactively at the REPL. There are differences between MicroPython and Python, in particular the libraries are designed for low-resource targets. See this doc for details.

In general if you know Python 3.x MP is entirely familiar.
Peter Hinch

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