Ideas for remotely retrieving data files off ESP32 SDcard?

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Ideas for remotely retrieving data files off ESP32 SDcard?

Post by JPSmith » Sat Feb 13, 2021 7:45 am

Hi all,

I have a Pycom Wipy3.0 with SD card. I am logging data (CAN, analogue inputs etc, sampled at around 10Hz) and then saving this data onto the SD card as .csv files. File size ~50mb could could be lowered if required.

I plan to have my device logging data in mobile machines (with wifi access), and would like to be able to access the files remotely via my computer.

Im not sure what way to go about this (I have little/no experience in Internet protocols etc) - And thus could do with some help working out my best route forwards.

It would be super cool if I could get the Wipy to upload somehow to a cloud storage service (AWS, Google drive etc).

Alternatively, is it possible to get the FTP to work with the Wipy and my laptop on different networks - but both connected to the internet?

Any ideas would be great :)

PS. I am using Adafruit IO for sending MQTT status messages, but I assume this is not really intended for sending files?

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