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WiFi - Power Save

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 2:39 pm
by sadok_1912
Hi All,

I'm trying to enable WiFi power save mode on an SF6 Board. I know the CYW43x is capable of doing so and is also implemented in WICED. Looking in the driver files of micropython in "cyw43_ctrl.c" and "cyw43_ll.h", I'm guessing cyw43_wifi_pm configures the power mode of the chip. Due the the lack of documentation, it is not trivial to find out how to enable the power save mode. Also it would be great to know what these magic numbers mean (register settings pm_in: 0x00adbrrm ?):

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cyw43_wifi_pm(self, 10 << 20 | 1 << 16 | 1 << 12 | 20 << 4 | 2);
In WICED, the function is

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Any input is appreciated.

Thank you.