Building MP as a static library

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Re: Building MP as a static library

Post by nelfata » Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:55 pm

I looked into the cc3200 build files, it seems that FreeRTOS is not being built as a library but it being compiled with MPY.
My intent was to build MPY as a library to make it more portable into my application(s) (RTOS or not).

Damien, made some changes for me a while back that allowed me to build MPY as a library on the unix port. I tried to get the same on another target (I chose the bare-arm), but with my lack of Makefile wizardry I could not get it to work. I just need some pointers on what needs to be done and I can take care of it.

If you look on this thread the changes allowed me to do: make staticlib

I have the ChibiOS ready to link the MPY as a library (so that was my intent). So integrating MPY should be easy afterwards.

Thank you.

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