Software versions?

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Software versions?

Post by jayfehr » Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:06 pm

Will uPy have official release versions? In my opinion I think that would be the ideal so that people will have a general idea of the best time to update. Also, community help would be easier since we would know which version of the code base is being used when a question is asked.

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Re: Software versions?

Post by pfalcon » Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:46 pm

It already has them. They can be seen at (source tarballs), at (pyboard firmwares), and when you start an interpreter:

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Micro Python v1.2-30-gde993f4 on 2014-07-22; linux version
Of course, it would be nice if new versions were announced here on the forum and on various Python lists, but unfortunately, we don't have enough manpower for that yet (hint-hint, we need more participants, including not just code writers, but also technical writers and "evangelists").
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Re: Software versions?

Post by PinkInk » Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:55 pm

That's something I've been mulling quite a lot recently, I would very much like to contribute something to the uPy project, but C-code is not something I'm prepared to countenance (call it a lifestyle choice).

Obviously - if you're a core developer - your effort is best expended moving functionality forward - documentation/evangelism/anything-else is just a distraction.

So; how can we non-developers help? how can our efforts be marshalled into benefit to the uPy project?

Basically; what do you want us to do? how can I/we help?

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Re: Software versions?

Post by blmorris » Wed Jul 30, 2014 4:47 pm

@PinkInk: I've been meaning to reply to this with the suggestion that the wiki pages could use some love, but I see that you came to the same conclusion in the meantime. Still, I wanted to make that suggestion here for anyone who finds this post and is wondering how they can help; there is a lot of experience and knowledge being developed here on the forum that might become more useful if it could be written up for the micropython wiki pages. There is the user-centric wiki at the dev-centric wiki at
I hope to start adding to both when I get a little time.

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Re: Software versions?

Post by PinkInk » Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:30 am

I did, decided it was unloved, thought I'd learned some stuff that others starting from the beginning like me might find useful, and other stuff that I patently don't understand and wondered whether if I published it others would correct it, which would be 'educating'.

But my net impression from doing so is that, in the hypothetical/hopeful situation that uPy/pyboard make Damien a very rich man, uPy proliferates as the go-to platform for makers with microcontrollers and the unix version is adopted in droves on the constrained "linux-on-router-cpu" and similar devices that are appearing (back to linux on a floppy days, fantastic) ... the current WIKI platform is not going to cut the mustard for a user-centric forum ...

- markdown represents a learning curve for non-techies, many of exactly the sort of people who should be encouraged to contribute to a user-centric forum won't if their first post attempt fails ... other wiki platforms appear to have intuitive wysiwyg editors

- the ability for ad-hoc discussions/comments to be associated with published articles appears to be useful, as in's product pages and other examples

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