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Re: M_new in external C Module, How to protect from GC.collect()

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 5:01 pm
by stijn
Good you figured it all out.

I admit I looked on the forum as well because I'm pretty sure apart from the other thread mentioned I already made a similar post way before that. Problem is that with increasing number of posts, searching for generic terms gets you nowhere.
This is a recurring problem with memory-related topics like this (the other one typcially being 'I have xxx free memory but can only allocate yyy' or a variation therof), and some other topics as well - thought this information was in the docs already but I also didn't find anything specific there. So until that happens: @admin (don't know who that is): would it be an option to have a sticky posts with links to common Q&A like this one? Would really help a lot imo.