Micropython on Pimoroni Interstate 75 and 64x32 rgb led panel

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Micropython on Pimoroni Interstate 75 and 64x32 rgb led panel

Post by paulsk » Mon Jul 25, 2022 1:00 pm

Hi, I just updated my project on Github: https://github.com/PaulskPt/MSFS2020_FS ... _LED_panel.

Goals of this project:
Concerns: Flight simulation.
To receive, filter and display the flown true track on a rgb led panel.
The script use certain data-elements of GPRMC GPS datagram messages sent by a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS2020) add-on called FSUIPC7. An MCP2221 is used to connect the PC USB port to a Qwiic/STEMMA QT port of the i75, with an ISO451x I2C isolator in between them.
An external blue led is connected to the serial line to signal when a GPS message is being received.
The GPS messages are being broadcasted at intervals of 1 second (adjustable within the FSUIPC7 add-on). The used serial baudrate is 4800 baud.

The true track and the groundspeed are filtered from the received GPS messages.
The track flown by the aircraft is displayed on the RGB LED Matrix panel.
When the groundspeed < 30 kts the text "airplane is taxying" will be displayed on the led panel.
When the groundspeed is zero kts for a little while the text "airplane parked" wille be displayed on the led panel.

The Pimoroni Interstate 75 uses a Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040) microcontroller.
In this moment it has micropython v 1.19 flashed.


Image with the connections between the hardware:

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