ESP32-C3 RGB neopixel board

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ESP32-C3 RGB neopixel board

Post by andypiper » Sun Feb 06, 2022 10:34 pm

Hello there.

About a month ago, I came across an interesting little ESP32-C3 powered board on Twitter. One side is covered in a 5x5 grid of WS2812B LEDs, making for some fun opportunities for creative hacks.


The boards come pre-loaded with an Arduino sketch for the ESP32 core, but we've found that the MicroPython ESP32-C3 port runs nicely (barring some adjustments that were recently made to the RMT code that enables the LEDs to be addressed correctly).

I've written up a couple of blog posts:

I've also got all of the MicroPython code and my notes on GitHub, if you're curious. I'm a relative newcomer in the MicroPython space, so I'm curious to learn from the rest of the community.

Thanks for reading :)

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Re: ESP32-C3 RGB neopixel board

Post by MaxMin » Mon Aug 22, 2022 10:29 am

As far as the 1st LED being stuck green mentioned elsewhere, they are pushing the margins powering the array with 3.3v (separate regulator for the cpu) while commonly done for a single on board indicator, a full array generally is powered by 5V in order to get full color fidelity, blue and green LEDs may lose some brightness and may color shift a bit on a 3.3V powered part, a added level shifter is necessary to reliably drive 5V displays from a 3.3v port.

The World Semi WS3812B (5050) absolute max specs limit Vcc of +3.5~+5.3 , test conditions for electrical characteristic specs: VDD=4.5~5.5V

(I have their 0.41" LCD board)

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