Interface board for an 4.3" TFT

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Interface board for an 4.3" TFT

Post by Roberthh » Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:08 pm

Hello all,
I sketched an interface board to connect PyBoard to an 4.3" TFT with SSD1963 controller and touch screen. The TFT is like this one: ... 791c67297c
The prototype of the interface board works fine, and now I'm going to order more of these boards. Anyone interested can participate in the order. Drawings of the board can be found at ... or-PyBoard . So what is going to be ordered:
  • The board size 120x74 mm, which matches the size of the TFT
  • No solder resist. The surface is gold plated. If we come to an order of 10 pieces or more, solder resist is included.
  • The Pyboard is located on the opposite side of PCB to the display.
  • The Pyboard is mounted conventionally (component side outward).
  • At the moment, the prices is 24,88 € each plus shipping (5 pieces). If more people join, the price will decrease.
  • Please reply until March 20. The production time is 8-10 days. You should get the board within 2 weeks.
I'm located in Germany. Shipping within Europe should be fast. Shipping to overseas will take longer. And no, UK is not overseas.
If you are interested to join the order, please let me know.
Best Regards

P.S.: Call closed. I may have one spare board - if someone is interested.

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