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Re: Modules - Device Drivers

Post by SpotlightKid » Mon May 18, 2015 6:33 am

Yes, I've read about the hardware support, but it only supports a small number of encoders. I also tried the example by dyhlands, but it did not seem to work as reliable as my approach. Also, I want scaling and min / max bounds of the counter (with or without wrap-around), which is easier, if I maintain the counter myself.

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Re: Modules - Device Drivers

Post by PinkInk » Mon May 18, 2015 3:07 pm

@SpotlightKid - In my eagerness to try your midi module with GarageBand on an iPad I connected a 9v to Gnd and, whoops, 3v3 ... so that little test will have to wait till my replacement pyboards turn up ;)

But if it works; what a way to enthuse my kids to take up Python ...

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Watchdog timer

Post by pythoncoder » Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:38 pm

A simple class for accessing the Pyboad's watchdog timer (a device which resets the Pyboard in the event of a software or hardware fault).

Code: Select all

import stm
def clz(r0):
    clz(r0, r0) # return no. of leading zeros in passed integer

class wdog(object):
    def start(self, ms):
        assert ms <= 32768 and ms >= 1, "Time value must be from 1 to 32768mS"
        prescaler = 23 - clz(ms -1)
        div_value = ((ms << 3) -1) >> prescaler
        stm.mem16[stm.IWDG + stm.IWDG_KR] = 0x5555
        stm.mem16[stm.IWDG + stm.IWDG_PR] = (stm.mem16[stm.IWDG + stm.IWDG_PR] & 0xfff8) | prescaler
        stm.mem16[stm.IWDG + stm.IWDG_RLR] = (stm.mem16[stm.IWDG + stm.IWDG_RLR] & 0xf000) | div_value
        stm.mem16[stm.IWDG + stm.IWDG_KR] = 0xcccc
    def feed(self):
        stm.mem16[stm.IWDG + stm.IWDG_KR] = 0xaaaa
To use, create a watchdog instance and call its start() method with the required period in mS. Your code should periodically call feed(). If the dog doesn't get fed in the specified period, the Pyboard will be reset. It is valid to call start() multiple times to alter the watchdog period.
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Re: Modules - Device Drivers

Post by Arthurmed » Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:41 am

Thank you very much Pythoncoder, it works great!!

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SBUS receiver driver

Post by Sokrates » Sun Jul 17, 2016 9:33 pm


I just posted on github a driver for SBUS receivers:

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Re: Modules - Device Drivers

Post by mcauser » Fri Oct 14, 2016 5:22 am

Perhaps we should make an awesome-micropython list on Github.

A few of my drivers:

Aosong DHT12 (upgrade of DHT11, now with I2C):

Aosong AM2320 (upgrade of DHT22, now with I2C):

MLX90614 IR temperature sensor:

PCD8544 84x48 LCD (Nokia 5110)

Quad 7-segment LED display modules based on TM1637 LED driver (Seeed 4 digit display)

LED matrix based on TM1640 LED driver

SSD1327 128x128 4-bit greyscale OLED displays (Seeed 96x96 OLED)

P9813 chainable RGB LEDs (Seeed Grove Chainable RGB LED)

MCP23017 16-bit I/O Expander

PCF8574 8-Bit I2C I/O Expander with Interrupt

PCF8575 16-Bit I2C I/O Expander with Interrupt
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Re: Modules - Device Drivers

Post by pythoncoder » Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:31 am

mcauser wrote:Perhaps we should make an awesome-micropython list on Github...
That's fine so long as there are people willing to take on the task of curating it. Otherwise we have the Wiki
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Re: Modules - Device Drivers

Post by cefn » Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:52 pm

This is a collection of libraries I've put together for my own use, with the awareness someone else might pick them up and use them.

Renderer-agnostic pixel fonts for python3, a micropython port of fonts sourced by @olikraus for u8g2

Low Overhead JSON parsing

For MCP23008 and MCP23017 GPIO expanders

For DFPlayer MP3 Player

For ST7920 Monochrome LCD

WebREPL served direct from ESP8266 ... replserver

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Re: Modules - Device Drivers

Post by rhubarbdog » Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:24 am

Measure Temperature and Humidity
AM2320 using a 1 wire protocol. This is an i2c device, but can be wired to run as a 1 wire device

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Re: Modules - Device Drivers

Post by MCHobby » Wed Nov 13, 2019 10:13 pm

Hi, here some contribution from MCHobby for MicroPython drivers.
Not everything is translated to english but new ones are.

read RGB888 BMP image (ability to read a small X,Y portion of image) ... FILEFORMAT

AD9833 signal generator ... ter/ad9833

AM2315 temperature & hymidity sensor ... ter/am2315

Adafruit USB/Serial backpack LCD display (with RGB backlight) ... er/lcdmtrx

MCP4725 DAC (I2C) ... er/mcp4725

MCP9808 (I2C) accuracy temperature sensor ... er/mcp9808

MODIO (I2C) relay board from Olimex ... ster/modio

MODIO2 (I2C) relay board from Olimex ... ter/modio2

MLX90614BAA thermopile temperature sensor ... /modirtemp

MOD-LCD1x9 (I2C) from Olimex - minimalist LCD display ... /modlcd1x9

MOD-LED8x8RGB (SPI) chainable LED display with FrameBuffer support (still from Olimex) ... /modled8x8

LTR-501ALS Lux reader ... /modltr501

MAG3110 - 3 axis magnetic sensor ... ter/modmag

MOD-RFID1536 - MiFare RFID reader (UART) from Olimex ... er/modrfid
Examples ported to MicroPython (not perfect yet).

MOD-RGB - analog RGB strip LED controler from Olimex ... ter/modwii

Several NCD (National Control Device) boards - using 5V I2C bus
Includes Fet Solenoid Controler Board, SI7005 humidity/temperature board, Pecmac power monitor, etc. ...

PCA8536 - 4Bits GPIO Extender (I2C) ... er/pca9536

TCS34725 - color sensor (I2C) ... r/tcs34725

TSL2591 - Lux Sensor (I2C) ... er/tsl2591

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