Seedling Enviroment Monitor with ESP32

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Seedling Enviroment Monitor with ESP32

Post by ARTaylor » Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:08 am

Hi, I'm pretty new to MicroPython and the forum, but I just put together my first little project. I'm getting into growing veg and herbs, and the interest has been pushed along by creating "smart" growing projects - my first IoT planter recently won a prize in a competition, this project is a bit simpler but seems to be working well.

I am growing seedlings in my lab at work, I have failed to keep some batches alive because I am a bad person - so I set this project up so I have some basic monitoring to help me.

Like many people before, I am just using a DHT11 and LDR to get basic and immediate environmental data. I have the ESP32 set up as a MQTT client and connecting to the ThingSpeak MQTT broker service (I think my terminology is correct, feel free to correct me, I can't say I fully understand the MQTT side yet).

I also *think* I have implemented a deepsleep utilising the ultra-low power core of the ESP32, so the main script runs once (the while loop is probably pointless!) and then sleeps for 15 minutes before a reset, this is fine as no data needs to be stored between resets.

I would love to get any comments or pointers on this project. I will work on an enclosure next and then share some pics. The code is all here if you want to take a look or use it: ... ingMonitor

I should add that Mike Teachman's repo: ... tt-esp8266 and rdagger68's YouTube series: have been super helpful in getting me to this stage :)


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