ESPWidget - ESP8266 Based Info Terminal

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ESPWidget - ESP8266 Based Info Terminal

Post by bitninja » Tue Apr 24, 2018 5:14 pm


This is a couple of years old... but I wanted to present my ESPWidget project ( in case it gives somebody an idea.

It's basically a Wemos D1 Mini connected to about as many simple devices as I could... an OLED display, a NeoPixel, a piezo buzzer and three user buttons.... stuffed into a 3d printed case. It initializes into an AP, where the normal Wifi parameters can be set, and then periodically checks for a specific file that it uses to update the device.

There is a feeder piece that generates the display files, but that was separate from the actual ESPWidget. The test implementation I used was a web-scrapping Windows app that collected data from a traffic website and presented the info on the widget.

Anyway the point of the device was to be a monitor for data and events that could be pulled together by another process. What that data is, is totally dependent on the feed application.

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