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ESP32 asynchronous temperature reader/alert with bme280 and thermocouple (MAX 31855)

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 7:25 pm
by Primesty
This project uses a BME280 sensor and a MAX31855 thermocouple amplifier from Adafruit (via SPI) to display environment temperature and the thermocouple lets you measure temperature against a set target temperature (via rotary encoder). The output is displayed on a 1602 LCD, and the button on the encoder lets you switch between two 'screens'. More details on GitHub.

It heavily relies on the uasyncio library and uses Peter Hinch's (pythoncoder's) aswitch library as well.

I'm sure there are things that can be improved and written more elegantly, but for now it works and runs reliably.

Platform: ESP32, Micropython 1.13
Sensors: BME280, MAX31855
Periphery: Neopixel, rotary encoder, 1602 LCD