MicroPython version 1.17 released

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MicroPython version 1.17 released

Post by Damien » Thu Sep 02, 2021 1:56 am

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the next release of MicroPython, v1.17! This release aims to follow the schedule of a release every 2 months (or so), and the previous v1.16 was released 18th June 2021.

Source code and firmware can be downloaded from https://micropython.org/download/

The full change log can be found at https://micropython.org/resources/micro ... ngeLog.txt

A summary of the changes follows.


v1.17: F-strings, new machine.I2S class, ESP32-C3 support and LEGO_HUB_NO6 board

This release of MicroPython adds support for f-strings (PEP-498), with a few limitations compared to normal Python. F-strings are essentially syntactic sugar for "".format() and make formatting strings a lot more convenient. Other improvements to the core runtime include pretty printing OSError when it has two arguments (an errno code and a string), scheduling of KeyboardInterrupt on the main thread, and support for a single argument to the optimised form of StopIteration.

In the machine module a new I2S class has been added, with support for esp32 and stm32 ports. This provides a consistent API for transmit and receive of audio data in blocking, non-blocking and asyncio-based operation. Also, the json module has support for the "separators" argument in the dump and dumps functions, and framebuf now includes a way to blit between frame buffers of different formats using a palette. A new, portable machine.bitstream function is also added which can output a stream of bits with configurable timing, and is used as the basis for driving WS2812 LEDs in a common way across ports.

There has been some restructuring of the repository directory layout, with all third-party code now in the lib/ directory. And a new top-level directory shared/ has been added with first-party code that was previously
in lib/ moved there.

The docs have seen further improvement with enhancements and additions to the rp2 parts, as well as a new quick reference for the zephyr port. The terms master/slave have been replaced with controller/peripheral, mainly relating to I2C and SPI usage. And u-module references have been replaced with just the module name without the u-prefix to help clear up the intended usage of modules in MicroPython.

For the esp8266 and esp32 ports, hidden networks are now included in WLAN scan results. On the esp32 the RMT class is enhanced with idle_level and write_pulses modes. There is initial support for ESP32-C3 chips with GENERIC_C3 and GENERIC_C3_USB boards.

The javascript port has had its Makefile and garbage collector implementation reworked so it compiles and runs with latest the Emscripten using asyncify.

The mimxrt port sees the addition of hardware I2C and SPI support, as well as some additional methods to the machine module. There is also support for Hyperflash chips.

The nrf port now has full VFS storage support, enables source-line on traceback, and has .mpy features consistent with other ports.

For the rp2 port there is now more configurability for boards, and more boards added.

The stm32 port has a new LEGO_HUB_NO6 board definition with detailed information how to get this LEGO Hub running stock MicroPython. There is also now support to change the CPU frequency on STM32WB MCUs. And USBD_xxx descriptor options have been renamed to MICROPY_HW_USB_xxx.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release: Amir Gonnen, Andrew Scheller, Bryan Tong Minh, Chris Wilson, Damien George, Daniel Mizyrycki, David Lechner, David P, Fernando, finefoot, Frank Pilhofer, Glenn Ruben Bakke, iabdalkader, Jeff Epler, Jim Mussared, Jonathan Hogg, Josh Klar, Josh Lloyd, Julia Hathaway, Krzysztof Adamski, Matúš Olekšák, Michael Weiss, Michel Bouwmans, Mike Causer, Mike Teachman, Ned Konz, NitiKaur, oclyke, Patrick Van Oosterwijck, Peter Hinch, Peter Züger, Philipp Ebensberger, robert-hh, Roberto Colistete Jr, Sashkoiv, Seon Rozenblum, Tobias Thyrrestrup, Tom McDermott, Will Sowerbutts, Yonatan Goldschmidt.

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Re: MicroPython version 1.17 released

Post by marfis » Sat Sep 04, 2021 11:59 am

thanks to everybody who contributed. great work!

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