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Forum FAQ

Postby torwag » Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:48 pm

This post will be continously updated to contain the most frequently asked questions related to the forum and stuff around micropython. It does not cover micropython internals or hardware.

1. My post does not appear after submitting it.
Newly registered users need to wait for post approval by one of the moderators to avoid spam attacks. After a certain amount of posts, new users can post directly. Approval usually takes less than a day. However, we are all humans and none of us makes a living from being a forum moderator ;) . Please be patient and do not double post.

2. Why can I not use code tags in my posts?
Newly registered users can't use tags since one could also use them to add images. Unfortunately, we received quite a few not very office friendly posts with images for approval. As soon as a new user reaches the limit which enables him/her to post without approval, tags are activated.
We are working on a solution to activate code tags only, but this is something not standard within the software we are using

3. I have this awesome (remotely) related project in a crowd funding campaign / webshop. Can I advertise it here?
As much as we are happy for every new usage scenario, due to the fact that we can't control the outcome and quality of these projects, we have a strict no advertisment policy. However, if a project has a close relationship with the micropython community (e. g. created by a user or developer with a well known reputation) with a strong commitment to micropython development itself, we might be able to make exceptions. In any case contact the micropython team prior of posting to discuss the individual case.

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