Instability due to AP reconnection loops

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Instability due to AP reconnection loops

Post by ernitron » Wed Nov 23, 2016 4:59 pm

I think I have found a major source of instability in my applications. The problem is related to WiFi reconnections.

This is the test that leads to the problem:
1. Plug USB cable to the esp device and see the output from console (e.g. using picocom)
2. Get the device connected to your AP (suppose sid is YOURSSID) with and sta_if.connect(ssid, pwd)
3. Disconnect the AP and reconnect after 1 minute and then after 5 minutes or more

You will se a loop of:

Code: Select all

no YOURSSID found, reconnect after 1s
The device reconnects real slowly after few minutes of disconnection (<5 min).
If you keep the AP disconnected for more than 5 minutes the device hangs. I have seen some seldom (and inexplicable) resurrections and probably was a hard reboot. From the application pow it is stuck.

The lines above (correct me if I'm wrong) are debug lines from Espressif SDK and not from micropython. I guess it is the persistent behaviour of the SDK that we have discussed in other threads. The esp8266 tries to keep connected and waits 1 sec before retrying reconnection. Almost transparently to application and I guess also to micropython VM.

Now the even more upsetting part. I did the same test with NodeMCU software which does at the wifi level the same things of micropython I guess. The reconnection, even after 5 minutes is always ok and instantaneous.

I think this issue is also related to the following threads: : probably using non stored credential to reconnect will be better as the reconnection will always be done from scratch : this is the issue of stability of micropython vs esp8266 sdk.

What do you think? Can you make the same test at least on micropython+esp8266 to confirm the results?


(*) All tests were done with WeMos D1 mini and micropython 1.8.6 (fresh build)

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