How to turn off WiFi in async MQTT?

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Re: How to turn off WiFi in async MQTT?

Post by Mike Teachman » Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:28 pm


Hi Bryan,

Thanks responding to this topic. I'd really like to collaborate with you on any future Pyboard I2S work. I think it will beneficial if we can realize good alignment between ports that offer I2S capabilities. e.g. similar behaviour, method names, constants, etc. I have nothing at stake with my ESP32 implementation of I2S - I'm totally happy to re-work it in the interest of seeing a consistent application of I2S across uPy ports.

I just read about the I2S audioboard - very cool - I'm quite interested to try it out. Whatever it costs in parts/shipping/etc I'll pay for.

My PyBoard D story isn't so good - unfortunately I tried to order on the 3rd day of sales, and I missed out - boards and adapters were already on back-order. So, it might be a few days (weeks?) until the next run of hardware becomes available.

If you are enthusiastic to continue your I2S work with the PyBoard platforms then I'm quite satisfied to take a supporting role - especially to help facilitate a common I2S behaviour across ports. It will take me a significant effort to figure out what you already know about the I2S API on the Pyboards. With a scarcity of volunteer time out there, I think we should try to make efficient use of our existing knowledge !

Perhaps we could start a new forum topic to co-ordinate developers who are interested to collaborate on a cross-port I2S initiative? I wonder where that could live in the forum? What about Development of MicroPython? As a first step, we could take an inventory of URLs describing all of the work done so far.

Exciting !

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