Unstable SD Card issues

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Unstable SD Card issues

Post by nelfata » Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:47 am

I am having some unstable and very unusual SD Card access issues from Windows 7 (running in VMWARE on a MAC host).
I used to be update scripts from W7 onto the SD Card no problem, and rarely hit any issues. Lately (I guess a few weeks ago after some MP firmware updates), I ran into issues updating. Occasionally the SD Card does not get detected by W7, and sometimes it takes several minutes to be detected and to mount the drive on the OS.
Many times trying to copy files, the MP crashes and the LEDs start flashing in sequence (this used to happen every once and a while, I think if the W7 and MP are both trying to access the SD Card, but lately I disabled the MP access to reduce this effect).

I am not sure if other developers are experiencing such issues lately, but I would appreciate some input or clarification. This is rendering the development very difficult.

Thank you in advance.

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