Problem with socket.recv()

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Problem with socket.recv()

Post by plugowski » Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:06 pm


I have some problem, I try to rebuild websocket library provided by @BetaRavener - here is my code: ...

Problem is with socket.recv() method, it looks like it stuck here and doesn't return anything...

Is somebody able to help me?

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Re: Problem with socket.recv()

Post by cefn » Tue May 01, 2018 12:28 pm

Hi there. I tried to follow what you were experiencing but you've provided really very minimal information. If you are hoping for others to invest the time in supporting you, please invest some time yourself in reporting the issue (and attempting to diagnose, workaround, compare configurations, recording your results).

There is a useful reference here...

Probably in your case, you should try to replicate the problem with the absolute minimum code, and while you are doing that you will probably realise what's wrong anyway.

Other useful facts which you should take responsibility for gathering and sharing when you want help with an issue;

1) Have you proven that @BetaRavener's code works on your platform and in your scenario? If not, there's little point using it as a working reference.

2) What change in behaviour compared to @BetaRavener's code are you trying to achieve?

3) What precisely is the failure you are experiencing with your modified version, compared to the working configuration you proved in step 1).

4) Try changing the code progressively, and figure out which change to @BetaRavener's code triggers the failure.

This is a welcoming and supportive community, so don't take my feedback too harshly. Hopefully we can guide you to get the help you need, but this will take some work on your part too.

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