Please update Windows setup/update docs ..

The official pyboard running MicroPython.
This is the reference design and main target board for MicroPython.
You can buy one at the store.
Target audience: Users with a pyboard.
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Please update Windows setup/update docs ..

Post by pablovian » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:15 pm

Most of the pyboard documentation is extremely good. However, the descriptions of initial setup under Windows is several years old. It focuses on Windows 8 and 8.1 and driver installation issues, but under Windows 10, the pyboard is plug-and-play. The documentation could lead with that information. The title "Care and Feeding ... ... Redmond Zoo ..." seems a bit too jokey. I found the DFU information for Windows to be sufficiently confusing that I could not get it to work, and now do firmware updates in a Linux environment.

As a recent convert to micropython, I do not understand why has any direct involvement with ports of micropython to ESP boards, the micro:bit and so on. The source code is available for other people to do ports to less powerful boards, or to pursue other market niches. Yes, there was a Kickstarter campaign to do the 8266 port; but those commitments have been met. For me, much of the value of micropython is in the elegance, power and unity of the core vision.

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