Zephyr Build Failed

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Zephyr Build Failed

Post by craigzyc » Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:15 pm

Any idea what is wrong with my zephyr build?
I can build and flash zephyr examples and if I used ./make-minimal it will build and flash but the full build using the following fails:

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make BOARD=nrf52840_pca10056


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[ 96%] Linking C executable zephyr_prebuilt.elf
Memory region         Used Size  Region Size  %age Used
           FLASH:      214968 B         1 MB     20.50%
            SRAM:       48628 B       256 KB     18.55%
        IDT_LIST:         136 B         2 KB      6.64%
/home/parallels/micropython/ports/zephyr/libmicropython.a(modzephyr.o): In function `mod_stacks_analyze':
/home/parallels/micropython/ports/zephyr/modzephyr.c:46: undefined reference to `k_call_stacks_analyze'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
zephyr/CMakeFiles/zephyr_prebuilt.dir/build.make:104: recipe for target 'zephyr/zephyr_prebuilt.elf' failed
make[3]: *** [zephyr/zephyr_prebuilt.elf] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory '/home/parallels/micropython/ports/zephyr/outdir/nrf52840_pca10056'
CMakeFiles/Makefile2:642: recipe for target 'zephyr/CMakeFiles/zephyr_prebuilt.dir/all' failed
make[2]: *** [zephyr/CMakeFiles/zephyr_prebuilt.dir/all] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/parallels/micropython/ports/zephyr/outdir/nrf52840_pca10056'
Makefile:83: recipe for target 'all' failed
make[1]: *** [all] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/parallels/micropython/ports/zephyr/outdir/nrf52840_pca10056'
Makefile:77: recipe for target 'all' failed
make: *** [all] Error 2

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Re: Zephyr Build Failed

Post by grail » Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:16 am

I tried a bunch of variations, and the only combination of Zephyr & micropython that worked was :


zephyr 1.11 ( ZEPHYR_TOOLCHAIN_VARIANT=zephyr )


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Re: Zephyr Build Failed

Post by pfalcon » Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:37 am

http://github.com/pfalcon/micropython is kept in buildable state with Zephyr master. Zephyr 1.11 is unbelievably old. MicroPython upstream should be buildable with the last Zephyr release.
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