Cython support

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Cython support

Post by skorpeo » Fri Oct 19, 2018 5:27 am


I can't speak highly enough of micropython and how amazing it is!

I reference this github issue: as I was wondering if there has been any activity on this front, i.e. ability to port cython to micropython?

I think adding cython support would be a game changer. There are lots of mature c libraries with cython extensions for python. I myself was looking to port one such library from cython to micropython but unfortunately realized that I am either not smart enough or don't have the time to go through that exercise. I found this because it required learning the cython code, learning how to make a micropython c extension, and also some fluency in c to tie it all together. Which made me sad because I love python and not C :(.

However, if there were a way to take an existing c library, with an existing cython extension to python, and being able to port that cython extension to micropython in an automated manner, such would really open up a plethora of libraries and functionalities.

Thus, I humbly wanted to share my two cents in case the powers that be, or interested parties smarter than me, or interested parties with more experience than me, or interested parties who are smarter and more experienced than me are listening.

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