[STM32F4xx] How can I get the minimal port running?

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[STM32F4xx] How can I get the minimal port running?

Post by danny_h » Wed Apr 17, 2019 8:19 am

Hey there,

I'm trying to get the minimal port running on a STM32F4DISC and a STM32 NUCLEO-F411RE but both of them run into low power mode right after programming them. I tried it with ST-LINK and DfuSeDemo but both of them have the same result.

This is what ST-LINK says after programming:

Code: Select all

10:01:54 : Debug in Low Power mode enabled.
10:01:54 : Device ID:0x431 
10:01:54 : Device flash Size : 512KBytes
10:01:54 : Device family :STM32F411xE
10:02:02 : [firmware.bin] opened successfully.
10:02:06 : Flash memory programmed in 2s and 532ms.
10:02:06 : Verification...OK
10:02:08 : Disconnected from device.
10:02:08 : Connection to device is lost: check power supply and debug connection.
10:02:08 : If the target is in low power mode, please enable "Debug in Low Power mode" option from Target->settings menu.
So after trying two different kinds of programming on two different boards, I assume that I maybe have to change some configurations within the minimal port files.
Can someone point me to a documentation how to set up those files or describe it to me?
Thank you!

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