Web Server does not provide files proberbly

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Web Server does not provide files proberbly

Post by MiracelVip » Wed Feb 12, 2020 7:12 am

Hey together,

since some weeks I'm playing around with Micropython. I made a small project where I want to read a temperature probe and controll a heater. The problem is the web interface I created.

1. If I open the index.html local everthing is fine
2/3. After Uploading the index.html, all the css and js files they can't be displayed by the browser
4. If I try to open the file directly its loading

Here some screenshots:

And the code:
Python: https://pastebin.com/wwL9FnYd
HTML: https://pastebin.com/E2aHNrmH

I hope somebody has an idea how to solve this problem.... I spend several hours without success

Thank you

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