irqUART: UART with rxd irq and frame irq

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irqUART: UART with rxd irq and frame irq

Post by shaoziyang » Mon Jun 22, 2020 3:28 pm

machine.UART is not support RXD irq feature, it will brings some difficulties to uart programming in some cases.

irqUART give a alternative solutionuse, it use pin irq instead of uart irq. irqUART is simple, small and fast.

irqUART was tested on pyboard and esp32.
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  1. define user RXD irq, frame irq (when needed).
  2. define a uart object.
  3. define irqUART object with uart, rxd pin, RXD irq, etc.
  4. init uart.
  • uart: uart object
  • rx_pin: uart rxd pin
  • rx_irq: user rxd irq, it can be None when not use rxd irq
  • frame_irq: user frame irq, it can be None if not use it
  • CHR_TMO: rxd irq delay (ms) after rx_pin irq, it depond on baudrate, rxbuf etc.
  • FRAME_TMO: frame irq delay (ms) after last char

Code: Select all

from machine import Pin, UART
from irqUART import irqUART

cnt = 0
def U1_RX_IRQ(t):
    global cnt
    n = 0
    while u1.any():
        d = u1.any()
        print('[', n, ']', cnt, d,

def U1_RX_FRAME_IRQ(t):
    global cnt
    print('FRAME end')
    cnt = 0

ui = irqUART(u1, Pin('B7'), U1_RX_IRQ, U1_RX_FRAME_IRQ)

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